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52WeekChallengeWeek Four: Favorite thing to put on my head.

All sorts of facinators.  I love facinators.  I love mini hats, veils, flowers, feathers…I just love hair accessories.  I am typing this up before doing my Wardrobe post for EGL on livejournal, but if I remember, I will add a photo of all my hair accessories once I take pictures of them all.  I tried just now, but it is dark, and the lighting in my room is distorting some of the colors.


13 - Hats Bows and Headbands 20140107_120814I could also answer this comically and say anything I can balance there, because I am often seen balancing random things on my head: books, bottles of water, purses, bags of candy, mugs.  It is a strange hobby of mine, but at least I know I have good balance.