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Sunday, after a long night hanging out with my 501st Legion friends, I did double duty on Lolita meet-ups.

First up, was a “mini meet” at Mitsuwa.  Mitsuwa is an Asian supermarket in the suburbs of Chicago.  I grew up living about five minutes from there, and I used to go all the time, but I realized that I had not been there in a few years now.  This was the first Chicago event I had attended since the Mega Meet last year, so I was EXTREMELY nervous, but everyone who was there was extremely nice.

SarahValentine01The above photo only shows a handful of the girls who attended, several more showed up after this.

We wondered around the bookstore first thing, and I really should not have, but I ended up purchasing two “mooks.”  First, I picked up the latest volume of Gothic & Lolita Bible, Volume 50.  They had the three most recent volumes, but the 50th was the latest, plus it had a hard cover planner inside of it.  The patterns are not that great, but I am still glad I purchased it.  I only have scans for 1-40, so any of the newer ones are exciting for me.  I really thought I was done with that, but we went back in there a little later (more girls had arrived) and I found this little gem:

20140119_134242An Innocent World mook, that contained a cloth violin bag!

20140119_134749The bag is really pretty, the details are embroidered on the front and there is an inside pocket.  It is a decent size, though that was not a huge concern for me, as I normally prefer smaller bags anyhow.  This is really my first big brand item.  It may have come out of a mook, but it is still Innocent World.  I can definitely use this with my Infanta Sleeping Beauty JSK, and I am sure I would acquire more brown pieces in the future (I want Chocolate prints, dang it!).

After the second time through the bookstore, we went over to the food court.  I did not want to eat anything big, since I was going up to a dinner in Milwaukee, but I did have my first Bubble Tea…ever.

20140119_133218One of the girls suggested the Taro flavor, and I decided to take the risk and try it.  It was tasty, though it is still odd chewing on little balls of tapioca in my tea.  I will definitely drink bubble tea in the future, though I will probably try other flavors.

We all sat down and chatted then, and some of us went to the market at various times.  I ended up going over to the bakery and picking up some bread: one filled with cheese, one filled with french cream, and one filled with chocolate cream…that was shaped like a turtle!  I ate the cheese one right away to tide me over until dinner, and then I ended up eating the french cream one on the drive up.  The turtle one I ate for breakfast this morning.  😀  Anyhow, I hung around until about 3:30pm, before leaving for Wisconsin.

I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes late due to construction, but I was still there before most.  I ordered Soon Tofu with Beef, and my friend ordered a side of Kimchi for me (I LOVE KIMCHI).  We ate, we chatted, we took pictures…pretty much business as usual.

BriannaFleury03I got a picture of my outfit as well, it is the Infanta Snow White JSK that finally arrived last week (I will post about that later).  Someone took a picture of my hair at Mitsuwa, but it has not surfaced yet.  It was curled and pinned up, with little red roses tucked into it.  I cheated and wore snow boots, because…well…the weather sucked Saturday, and the world was still slushy.

20140119_202334After the dinner, a few of us went down the street to Yo Yogurt and I made an overloaded cup of chocolate yumminess.

It was a really fun day, and I cannot wait until my next meet-up.  It looks like that may be the day after the Chinese New Year (YAY YEAR OF THE HORSE!), but I may or may not be able to afford the trip out for it.