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I am so tempted by Bonnets, but I am equally, if not more, afraid of them.  I am worried that I would look silly, or that it would not flatter my features.

At this point though, I am even overwhelmed by head eating bows, so maybe it is just something I need to work my way up to.  I am pretty adjusted to wearing things on my head, so it is so odd to shy away from some of the typical Lolita accessories.

Last year at ACen, I was searching high and low for accessories to wear with my last minute, impulse buy, first outfit, and their were blue bonnets that a friend pointed out, but they really intimidated me.  Now, I am really tempted to purchase the bonnet that matches Infanta’s Sleeping Beauty print.

Infanta Sleeping BeautyWho knows though, by the time I can afford another Taobao order, they may have sold out of it.  I suppose I will just wait until the time comes and decide then.  Maybe in the interim, I will have the chance to try one on, both with and without a wig, and that could decide it for me.