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52WeekChallengeWeek Two:  Five Movies for Lolitas

01.  Any (and all) Jane Austen movies
Okay, so Jane Austen’s area was not necessarily a period of time that the Lolitas are emulating, but you can learn a lot from Austen.  The propriety of dress, great hairstyles, and good manners.

02.  Casanova
I refer to the 2005 mini-series staring David Tennant.  Not only do you have the pleasure of watching the handsome Mr. Tennant, but there are some really interesting costume designs as well.  They show such a dichotomy in the fashions and styles of each of the main cities Casanova travels to (Venice, Paris, London, and Naples), and there are definitely plenty of poofy skirts and ruffles to fawn over.

03.  Labyrinth
Aside from Sarah’s super poofy, 80’s style white and silver dress, there not any Lolita aesthetics here, but the movie is just so fantastic and dreamlike, and the whole message is really about growing up, but still staying in touch with your childlike nature and fantasies.  Labyrinth is one of my absolute favorite movies.

04.  Any Disney Princess Movie
I have seen a few people put various different Disney Princess movies down, but I just could not narrow it down, nor should I.  Disney Animated Feature Films are amazing, and even if you cannot watch every one of them (I do marathons occasionally), every Lolita should make their way through all of the Princess movies and pick their own favorite.  My personal favorite is Beauty and the Beast, and I love that story in practically any retelling.  I really am a lot like Belle, with a little bit of Gypsy Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame thrown in for good measure (not really a Princess movie, but I still recommend watching).

05.  Gone With the Wind
One of my favorite movies since I was a little girl.  You can watch first hand as fashion shifted from pre-Civil War hoop skirts and frills, to more condensed fashion post-war.  I love watching fashion evolve, one of the reasons why I love Downton Abbey so much.  Scarlett’s costumes are absolutely amazing, too.  The BBQ dress, her dressing gowns, and oh my goodness the green dress that was made from curtains (I want that dress SO BADLY!).