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Just when I thought I was safe from Infanta for a little while after they recently released a Steampunk themed dress:

infantasteambrownDon’t mistake my meaning, I love Steampunk, but I prefer my Steampunk clothing to be more…original and organic.  Though they show a matching cape in other photos that I may be tempted by.

Anyhow.  So, I thought I escaped.  Then something I saw on Tumblr made me go check their site (something unrelated to either of these items), and I see this:

Original printing * Cinderella * Coming shelves, so stay tuned

What!  I paused, does this mean they are shelving the Cinderella embroidery dress that I want or is this a new print?  So I investigated, and I found this:

infantacinderprintAnd upon even further investigation, I found this:

infantacinderprint2It is indeed, a new Infanta print featuring Cinderella.  I MUST have this!  I already have Infanta’s Sleeping Beauty in Brown, and their Snow White in Blue is currently mid-shipment (update the shipment status, damn you!), so here is another Infanta Princess themed dress I MUST add to my collection.  I am curious what the colors will be, so far it looks like beige-ish and a dark blue.  Between the two I would want the beige, since I already have the Blue Snow White.  I am hoping for at least one more option, though I am not quite sure what color I would want that option to be.  I just like some variety.  😀

infantacinderembroidAnyhow, I think I still want the Cinderella Embroidered dress they released previously, it may have moved slightly down on my list…I do not know though, do I really need two Cinderella dresses?  I do not have the funds to order anything at the moment, so fingers are crossed on finding a job (I have an interview tomorrow), and I will decide once I have all the information regarding color and design of the new print.

Infanta, I love you!