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While the rest of the Lolita world is opening up Lucky Packs, I received a Chocolate “lucky pack.”  4.5lbs of chocolate from my friends in Canada.

20140103_105339I really need to acquire one of the Chocolate print dresses out there, because these right here sums up my addiction to Chocolate.  I even have a box of Armani Chocolate in there….ARMANI!

Anyhow, to make this relevant, I decided I should post my favorite Chocolate dresses, in no particular order (other than color choices).

Ches Chocolate OP - 2011 - Brown  Ches Chocolate OP - 2011 - WhiteChess Chocolate JSK with Jabot - 2011 - Brown



First up is Angelic Pretty’s Chess Chocolate OP.  As far as color, Brown is my first choice, followed by white.  The mint is not bad, but I would want it in a pure chocolate color.  If I wanted to mintify the print, I could accessories with mint.  The pin does not even rank for me.  I also really like the JSK with Jabot of the Chess Chocolate series, same color choices.

Melty Chocolate OP - 2010 - Cafe MochaXChocolate Melty Chocolate High Waist JSK - 2010 - Cafe MochaXChocolate Melty Chocolate Skirt - 2009-2010 - Cafe MochaxChocolate




Next up, the Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate collection in Brown.  For these, I like the OP, the High Waist JSK, or the skirt.  I originally liked the mint the best, but the more I looked at it, the more I did not like it, so for this one it is brown or nothing.




Then is  Royal Chocolate Round JSK - 2012 - Brown Royal Chocolate Skirt - 2013 - BrownAngelic Pretty’s Royal Chocolate in Brown.  In this line I like the Round JSK, or the Skirt.


Melty Royal Chocolate JSK - 2013 - BrownxIvory

I also like the Melty Royal JSK in Brown or Bitter.  Again, Angelic Pretty.  I did not like this one at first, because of the asymmetrical ruffles, but it has grown on me.


Chocolate Rosette JSK - 2012 - Brown

Last, but not least is Angelic Pretty’s Chocolate Rosette JSK in, you guessed it, Brown.  The skirt in this line is not bad either, but I much prefer the JSK (which I guess is technically true with all of these.


I find it interesting that I like all of these from Angelic Pretty, but I am not generally a huge AP fan (there are only four other lines I like of theirs).  This may seem like a lot of Chocolate prints, but there were several I left out, including some from Innocent World, which is a brand I usually prefer over AP.  I really want to acquire at least one of these, though I feel like they are all in such high demand and I will either never find them, or they will be outrageously marked up.  I can only keep my fingers crossed or hope that another Chocolate print comes out at a point when I am able to buy directly from the company.