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I saw this circulating with the Lolita Blog Carnival, and I thought it was an interesting idea.  What are my Lolita Resolutions for 2014?  What do I hope to accomplish?  What do I hope to acquire?

#1:  Find a Job
Much of what I want out of 2014, for Lolita and the rest of my non-Lolita life, is pretty dependent on finding a job.  I have been out of work now since May, an though I have managed to make due with only what I received on unemployment, it has been difficult, AND as of right now, the United States Federal Government has not extended any benefits past the end of 2013.  I am not sure I will even have money coming in after this point, so finding a job is definitely at the top of my list.

#2:  Continue to Build Wardrobe
I think I have done a pretty decent job of building my wardrobe in the past year, but with more time (and hopefully more money), I hope to expand even more.  I would like to add 3-5 more key pieces (JSK’s, skirts, and/or OP’s), either from making or purchasing.  I want one of these items to be from whatever brand we have coming to ACen, so that I can attend the Tea Party again.  I also would like to add some more blouses, a short-sleeved black blouse, and at least one more of each: long-sleeved white, long sleeved black, and short-sleeved white, plus maybe one or two blouses of different colors…brown, red, blue, purple…depends on what I find.

#3:  Develop Outfits Around Mini Hats20131230_003054
I have several mini hats I have bought and would love to wear with Lolita, but I never have outfits that they really work with.  Specifically these four.  I absolutely adore them, and they would look wonderful with Lolita, but niente!  Soon, my lovelies.  Soon!

#4:  More Shoes!
I really do not have any Lolita specific shoes…although that is probably because my style in shoes is appropriate.  However, I definitely want a few pairs of Classic shoes, specifically heeled Oxfords and/or heeled Mary-Janes.

#5:  Sell White Shoes
I purchased a pair of white Lolita shoes prior to attending the Mega Meet in June, but I never wore them out because of excessive walking at that event and the fact that they were a tad bit too large for me.  I have not attempted to sell them yet because I did not want to put JUST those up for sale in the EGL Comm Sales, but at the very least I should create a post on my facebook, and maybe on my Tumblr.  The white just does not fit my style anyhow, my outfits would look better with tan or black.

#6:  More Accessories
I could have just lumped this in with the wardrobe post, but accessories are sort of their own mountain to climb.  This should be easy though, as when I go shopping now I always look for things that could work with Lolita.  I already have a pretty bow necklace that is just waiting for my dream dress.

#7:  Post a WTB for My Dream Dress
Hopefully I can do this prior to the warm weather, as I think the dress would look super cute in Spring/Summer.

#8:  Attend At Least One Meet-Up/Event Per Month
There is at least one event going on every month, but it will all be dependent on funds and my schedule.  I came close after I started last year, but I missed August, September, and October.  Part of that was due to funds, but part of it was due to lack of anything to wear (and not wanting to over-repeat).  Nothing is planned for January yet, but hopefully something will come up.  I keep wanting to set up a meeting for the Chinese New Year in January of February (the New Year is January 31), but I hang out with the Milwaukee Lolitas, but all of the events and locations I know of are in Chicago.  Grrr!

And there you go, there is my list of 2014 Resolutions.  Everything is really contingent on #1 though, so I best re-redouble my efforts and hopefully I will find something.  2014 is the Year of the Horse, which has a history of being a really good year for me, so fingers crossed and onward!