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Saturday was the MLS Holiday Dinner, and I was so excited because I had been saving one of my favorite JSKs for the night.  The weather was horrific here that day though, so I almost could not make it.

I left the house much earlier, because I was having my headshots taken in Hoffman Estates.  I changed at my friends house (the photographer), so we took a few photos of my outfit before I ran off to Milwaukee.

IMG_9895 IMG_9959I had been hoping to wear a red beret with the outfit, but it has not arrived yet.  😦  Still, my friend was super weirded out by the concept of me with lighter hair.  It was amusing.

I arrived at the dinner about ten minutes late because of weather, so I ended up being the first at our second table, but eventually the table filled up.  We waited for most people to arrive before ordering, then while we were waiting for our food we exchanged gifts.  Everyone was supposed to bring a small gift for everyone.  It is a cute idea, though I think I would have rather it been an exchange of some sort.  There were nearly 30 of us signed up to attend (although I think it ended up being around 25 there), so buying something small for everyone can become a bit expensive.  Most people ended up just bringing candy, but there were a few other gifts.  I brought cookies I baked, and little stampers.  This was my haul:

haulStill, I think it would have been easier to say everyone bring a gift that is about $30.

I ordered something small, because the menu was a bit expensive (and I am still unemployed), but it was relatively good.  There were a few main menu items I really wanted to try, but maybe I will find another chance in the future.  After dinner, we waited in the bar area for them to finish closing our bill, because they needed to set up for brunch at the tables we had been sitting at.

Once all of that was taken care of, we gathered around Mader’s famous oversized chair for photos.

BriannaFleury12EmilyDante02 EmilyDante01

Outfit Rundown:
JSK – Infanta
Blouse – Surface Spell Gothic
Socks – Sock Dreams
Wig – Gothic Lolita Wigs
Shoes and Accessories – Off Brand