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So I am a little late on posting about the MLS Meet-Up from last weekend.  There were so many events scheduled for this month, both in Milwaukee and in Chicago, and I wish I could have gone to them all.  The main ones that I am sorry to have missed was a Build-a-Bear meet-up in Milwaukee (I wanted to build a Clarice!), a group outing to see Nutcracker in Milwaukee (I could not afford it), and a trip to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago.

Saturday, before members attending The Nutcracker ran off (and before I ran off to another party), several of us gathered at one of the members’ apartment for a cookie exchange party.

BriannaFleury04The rule was, you had to bring two cookies per every person attending; one to eat there, and one to take home.  The cookies could be home made or store bought, it did not matter.  Most of us ended up bringing extra just in case, but even eating one of each was so many cookies.

Destiny01That was only my first round!  Several girls arrived late, so there were even more cookies to be had.  The cookies I brought were the green ones just under the Oreo-looking cookie (they are not Oreos).  They are Mint Meringues, and are my holiday specialty.  There was also Hot Chocolate, Champagne, Wine, and various other drinks available.  It was a nice casual meet-up where we could mingle and talk easily.  One of the girls was wearing a dress that I have been absolutely drooling over, so I of course took the opportunity to touch it and poke at it….I only want it more now.

BriannaFleury12I think this was the complete group of us, plus there were several guys present, but they mostly hung out in the other room playing video games (there was a little boy for about an hour, he was so excited when we told him to have some cookies).

EmilyDante01As my wardrobe is still growing, it was time to repeat, yet again.  I tried to go for a sort of snowflake/nutcracker sort of look with the jacket I wore.  I almost made a new skirt for the event, but I just did not have the time or energy.  It is frustrating right now, having so little and having to repeat so often, but it is a good exercise in mixing and matching pieces I already own to create unique outfits.  And yes, I do not have shoes on in this picture, we all took our shoes off when we entered (though some girls brought shoes just to wear inside).  I live in the Midwest, and we were already under a blanket of snow, so I wore snow boots with my outfit.  No, not very Lolita, but very practical for trudging through snow and walking on ice.

The next meet-up is the big Holiday gathering for MLS, and it takes place tomorrow.  I am really excited to wear my Infanta Toy Factory JSK that I have been sitting on, unworn, for several months now.  I wish I had a red blouse to go with it, but at least I now have a white blouse (as opposed to the one black blouse I was stuck with for the longest time).