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I am absolutely in love with Infanta, and I want so many of their dresses.  I know I definitely want one of their Rose Cathedral one pieces, I just cannot decide between Purple, Navy, and Green.  They also have Red, but I am more a fan of cool colors in Lolita (cool as in warm vs. cool, not cool as in “cool”).

Infanta Rose PurpleInfanta Rose NavyInfanta Rose Green Infanta Rose Red
Infanta Rose

I really like their Black Magic dress as well, but lucky for me they included the source of my phobia in the print, so I could not really get past that enough to want it.  Where it not for that, I would totally want the black one.

Magic Black Magic Red Magic

Still, Infanta continues to entice me.  I have a feeling my wardrobe is always going to be at least 50% Infanta.  As is now, ALL of my JSK’s (which, admittedly, is only three) are Infanta.

Rose Cathedral OP
Black Magic JSK
Black Magic Salopette

Afterthought, I have still not receive the shipping alert for my latest Clobba order, but I am hoping I will soon.  I have a meet-up a week from Sunday, and I have nothing to wear!  Plus side, I will be picking up the items from my group order at that meet-up.