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First, an update on my Lolita World!

I am still waiting on actually receiving two Lolita clothing orders.  One is sitting with a girl in Milwaukee because I have not seen her yet to pick up the order, and the other is still in the making/shipping process.

I have also yet to attend another event, but I am choosing which Bears game (yes, I am a sports fan) to attend based on the fact that one of the two options overlapped with the next meet-up (so I am going to the other game).

This past weekend, however, was TeslaCon!  TeslaCon is a full immersion Steampunk convention in Wisconsin that I have attend for the past two years now, and both years, there was a “Steam Lolita” panel.  I believe both years were lead by the same girls, but I am not 100% positive.

This year, the panelists were much more organized.  They had a power point presentation, and progressed from showing the various styles of Lolita, into incorporating Steampunk into Lolita, and then closed with where to acquire clothing and their resources.

The Good
*I liked that they included so many examples of the different styles of Lolita.  They covered most of the styles, though I missed the first few minutes of the panel, so I cannot really comment on any they missed because they may have covered it before I arrived.

*They had a lot of good resources, and even brought up a few Lolita sites I had not found yet.  They also gave sites from both Lolita and Steampunk creators.

*They were very encouraging of doing what you are comfortable with and what you like.  They covered gender and age with very open and encouraging words.

The Bad
*They left out some big resources, namely Taoboa (which has been almost exclusively where I have acquired my Lolita items) and key associated sites like Clobba and Qutieland, and Bodyline (which I have yet to purchase from, so I have no opinion).  I questioned them at one point about Taobao, and they were almost defensive in there response, saying they never tried Taobao because of the need for a shopping service and the fact that the site is in a foreign language, and labeled Taobao as being for “more hardcore Lolitas.”  This sort of bothered me.  Even if you, yourself, are unwilling to try something, someone else may find it a valuable resource.  I felt they should have at least covered it and just been honest about their lack of familiarity, and let any girls attending the panel fill in the blanks if they had experience.  I know Clobba was touched on last year, but this year, the whole Taobao area was avoided.

The Questionable
*They described Gothic Lolita as head to toe black, and OCCASIONALLY a dark red, purple, or blue added in.  Now, I am still relatively new to the Lolita community, but my understanding was that head to toe black was Kuro.  Most Gothic Lolitas I see have another color and it is rare to see all black.  Is there another distinguishing factor that makes something Kuro as opposed to solid black Gothic?

Now, these girls admitted several times that they were not “Lolita” (although I believe one of them negated the statement and said that she is), and I give them allowances for that fact, however I think it would benefit the panel if a full on Lolita was included.  I think this would fill in most of the gaps and give a more well rounded panel.

Overall, the panel was good, with lots of information, but I think there are definitely opportunities for growth and development in the following years.