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I must apologize for my recent lack of activity here.  This month was very convention heavy, with Chicago Comic Con at the beginning of August and DragonCon just this past weekend.  My time has been wrapped up in costuming, and I even had to pass on the recent meet-up up in Milwaukee; partially because I am broke and could not afford the gas up there plus the cost of the meet-up, partially because I literally had nothing to wear.

Right now, my wardrobe is still very Lolita light.  I only have one skirt and two JSK’s, one of which is very Holiday oriented.  I am still waiting on several blouses and a skirt from a Taobao group order that has been delayed while waiting for some items, so that will give me another skirt.  I tried to make a skirt for the meet-up, but it just did not turn out right.  I altered a pattern, and the waist ended up too tight, and subsequently it rode too high so that the skirt was too short, and the hem was a bit of a mess.  I am going to toy with it a little bit eventually, but for now that skirt is shelved.   There is another meet-up at the end of this month, but I am back to the issue of nothing to wear.  Recycling outfits is not out of the question for me, I just would like to have more than two before I start recycling.  I will have to see what I come up with between now and the 22nd.