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TuesdayTwoI thought I had a good grasp of Taobao now, thanks to Google Chrome’s auto translate, until browsing Qutieland and noticing several new dresses labeled as New and Infanta.  Of course I immediately went to the Infanta Taobao site, and searched by “new products,” but I still see things out of order.  So very strange.  I am surprised these new dresses are not advertised on their main page either.

There are several items I do not recognize from before, but two dresses stood out to me:

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I am not entirely sure how I feel about these, actually.  Both are nautically/sailor themed, which I feel is great for summer.  The dress on the left seems almost a bit too childish and busy for me, while the dress on the right almost feels too…colonial the way the stripes match with the accents.  I like both, but I do not love either.  Between the two, I think I prefer the Rope dress.  I wish I could try each of these on to see how they look on me before making a final decision.  I definitely prefer the above colors though.  The Rope dress has also a Sax/White and a Navy/White with a pale pink background, while the striped dress has red striped as well.