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Sunday was another Milwaukee Brunch.  I was hoping to make it a two-for with a birthday party later that evening, but like the last meet-up, I had had a very long day the day before (actually the four days before), so I was too tired to hang around all day.

I repeated my blue Chantilly Phantom Carousal skirt, with a few modifications to the outfit from when I wore it for tea at ACen.  I did my hair in a bun with the headband wrapped into the hair, I added a wide cinch belt, and I added rings and earrings for additional accessories.  I also carried a blue purse, but I had set that down in my car before pictures were taken.  I really only have the two pieces to rotate regularly between right now.  I am expecting a skirt set in a Taobao order soon, and I am planning on making two new skirts.  I had wanted to finish one for this meet-up, but then I was on set all week, so that did not happen.


Skirt:  Chantilly
Blouse:  ICK by IndustrialKitty Socks:  Chantilly
Belt:  Target
Boots:  Kohl’s

Anyhow, Jack Pandl’s features German cuisine, which is not normally my favorite, but I had a nice chicken and dumplings.  Plus, with the price of brunch, you receive a cookie tray for the table at the beginning, soup, salad, or a fruit cup, a free glass of champagne, another drink of choice, bread, and the meal.  I would have purchased dessert as well, but no one else wanted anything, and I hate eating alone.

Brianna18It was a slightly smaller group than the last Milwaukee Meet-Up, but we had one girl visiting from Florida who joined us.  I definitely felt more comfortable with the group this time, and became an active participant in some of the jokes.  After eating, we all headed outside for some picture taking (of course).

Brianna03Overall, fun times, and I cannot wait for the next Meet-Up (hopefully I will have something new to wear by then).