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My time right now is all wrapped up in job hunting at the moment, and I am in a period of Lolita waiting (waiting for my next Lolita Meet-Up (July 28), waiting for my first Taobao order to come in).  In the interim however, I wanted to discuss something that perplexes me about the Lolita Fashion, the ideas and opinions of color.

In all my experience with fashion, be it modern, period, or alternative, never have I encountered a Fashion trend with a community that had such strong NEGATIVE opinions on various colors.  True, there are certain colors in period fashions that one avoids, but that is generally because the color could not have been produced in that era.  Even if Lolita Fashion were to be strictly replicating fashion of the Rococo/Victorian/Regency eras, this was a time in history when dyes were first being produced and liberally used, and people were experimenting with colors, and using bright and bold colors whenever they could (The Regency era is somewhat of an exception with white being very fashionable for parties, but even then, there was lots of color being used in daily wear and decor).  Even during the renaissance, they mixed and matched all sorts of colors, people being proud just to be able to afford various colors.  When I took courses on renaissance fashion, we were encouraged to try color combinations that were unusual in modern fashion.  All of that aside though, Lolita Fashion is NOT a strict replication of an era of clothing, if it were, none of the fancy brand prints would be Lolita, but those are rather quite the rage.

Not a day goes by however, when I do not see someone complaining about one color or another.  They do not like mint green, they do not like yellow, they do not like orange, they do not like red in sweet prints, they do not like pink and black together, and the list goes on.  Yes, I will even go so far as to throw my dress into this, as most of the hate I received was due to my use of green and orange together, a combination which, apparently, clash horribly, yet it is a very popular color combination amongst Eastern cultures (and, for extra support, there are period dress replicas I have seen using green and orange, again, it was a time of using as much color as possible).  In fact, I would bet every single color combination you can come up with is, or was at one time, or will be at one time, popular somewhere.  But I digress.  Even in all my years dressing goth, and promoting for a band generally categorized as a goth band, no one ever told me “you cannot wear that color in goth fashion.”  I wore pinks, purples, blues, yellows, oranges, I even had one outfit done completely in white and gold (although technically, that outfit was more to a theme than others).

Fashion, at is core, is expression, and experimentation.  If people always followed what was standard, what was acceptable, and what was “done,” fashion would never develop.  When I was growing up, we wore “dayglo” colors in any combination: blue, pink, green, orange, yellow, ecc.  There was a time when wearing brown and black together was not done, or brown and blue together, or even pink and orange, which is a very popular recent trend.  Colors in fashion are constantly changing and evolving, and trying to stop that is like trying to end a fashion trend itself.

It is fine for people to have an opinion on a color or combination of colors, but leave it as that, an OPINION.  Do not lash out at people who wear colors you do not like, do not complain and protest at the colors existing, be content that you do not like it/them and move on.  The people wearing the colors are not forcing you to like them, do not try to force them and others to hate them.  I agree, there are certain elements of Lolita Fashion that are crucial to something BEING Lolita, mainly the shape, but color should not be , and as far as I am concerned, is not one of those elements.  Until some great Lolita God descends from the sky and hands us a list of Lolita Commandments that includes what colors are and are not to be used, relax, take a deep breath, and stop worrying about and criticizing what other people are wearing, wear the colors you enjoy, and let them do so as well.  Life is too short to be expending so much energy on clothing colors.

Okay, that is the end of my rant for today.  I am going to go back to reading A Storm of Swords and contemplating a new skirt I am going to make.