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I am so excited, my wig just arrived.  I want to wear it somewhere now, but I am going to be in Stormtrooper armor tonight, so that will not work.  Anyhow, I ordered a Short Blended Babydoll Lolita wig, in Choco-Latte.  Here is the stock photo:

short-lightbrownI wanted a wig that had some blonde to it, but that would still look like it belonged on my head.  I am Sicilian, with an olive complexion, so straight blonde wigs look funny on me, at least they do to me.  I also wanted something that was natural colored, since most of my Lolita wardrobe will be Classic Lolita.  Anyhow, on to the pictures of me with the wig.

Please excuse me if it looks a little off, my hair is only pulled back by a clip behind my back rather than done up under the wig like I would normally do, and I am getting ready for my troop tonight (leaving in about 30 minutes), so no fancy dress or anything.  Here is a picture of me wearing the wig with my Infanta Sleeping Beauty Bow and one with the full wig without the bow:


I had not worn the bow with the dress at my last meet-up because it was much too large for just my hair, but it looks much better with the wig and pigtails.  I know most people trim the bangs on their wigs, but I have always felt my forehead was too short for bangs, and they would look funny trimmed short enough to hang as a straight fringe over my eyes.  I actually used to have bangs as a little girl, and they ALWAYS ended up swept to the sides like I have here, so it is actually pretty accurate for me.  Here is a picture of just the base wig without the pigtails:

IMG_20130712_145832_196When I ordered my blonde wig for Harley, I hated that the pigtails were detachable at first.  Now, I love the fact that they are made detachable, because I can wear the wig with them or without them for more style options.

My order also came with a free set of Eyelashes, they are the Dolluxe #2 Harajuku Honey eyelashes.  I am thinking of just selling them, or donating them to a raffle eventually.  I never wear fake eyelashes, so they will be of no use to me.

Next wig I purchase will be darker than this one, but still lighter than my own hair.  I am thinking of the Short Babydoll Lolita in Chocolate Brown.