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TuesdayTwoAs promised, this week I am picking my two favorite Storenvy shops.  This one was hard, there seem to be more variety in Lolita shops on Storenvy, but there are fewer shops.  It is a strange balance.

The first shop I chose is a local one, mossbadger.  I am a bit hesitant to promote local shops for my own reasons, but I cannot deny that I like her rosettes.  I won a brown one at the Mega Meet, and there are a few others I like.  I am not big on the ones with the giant animal images, but I love the ones with the filigrees and such.  Personal preference.

The second shop is one I discovered recently through Tumblr, Toxicity.  Honestly, her new print really won this for me, as I LOVE Notre Dame.  Also, I remember reading somewhere that she loved the gothic architecture, but did not like the over-abundance of crosses and religious symbols, which is why she came up with this design.  That is much my own opinion, so I was very pleased to see this design.  I am trying to win the sample dress, but if I do not, I am definitely hoping I can purchase one of the Notre Dame JSKs.