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TuesdayTwoThis weeks Tuesday Two may be a little shorter and less thought out than usual, because I am laying here cringing in pain.  I just sprained my ankle at Circus class, and the most painful angle for it to be in is also the best angle for me to elevate it and put ice on it.  GRRR!  Anyhow, off topic.  Today’s topic, as promised, is My Two Favorite Etsy shops.

This one was extremely difficult for me, not because there were so many to narrow it down between, but because most of the Etsy shops I have favorited are not really my style.  I have yet to find AMAZING Etsy shops that cater to Classic Lolita (please, tell me if you know of any).  Most of the shops I like are either a lot of Sweet, which I squee at and think “how cute” but would never really buy, or they are not Lolita sites at all.

The first shop I chose, is My Dearest Victoria.  This shop is fairly well known, and has lots of beautiful wrist cuffs in a wide variety of color combinations.  I do not own any of them yet, but I am sure I will be actively patronizing them before long.

The second shop is actually along the Sweet vein, but I like how their focus seems to be on fruits rather than sugary foods.  Kawaii Culture has strawberry, kiwi, orange, apple, even avocado and eggplant themed jewelry.  I know I eventually want to create a strawberry themed outfit, so this will be the first place I go to find matching jewelry.

So that is the Etsy edition of Tuesday Two, next week I think I am going to take on Store Envy.  Now, back to laying in bed, icing my ankle, and watching Supernatural.