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Sunday, the day after a full twelve hours at Six Flags Great America, was my first Meet-Up with the Milwaukee Lolita Society.  I was so very tempted to call and cancel, I was both very nervous and extremely exhausted.  However, I sucked up the nerves and made the trip to Coquette Café in Milwaukee, WI.

I thought I would be late, but when I arrived, only about half of the girls had arrived.  Right away though, they made me feel welcome.  There was good discussion and lots of fun, there was never really a time when I felt like I did not belong.  The rest of the group arrived, we ordered, and once we finished dessert and paid, we went into the foyer area of the building and took some pictures.  We hung out there for a while before girls started to leave.  A few girls were going to wander around the Milwaukee Historic District afterwards.  I really wanted to join them, but I was starting to drag from exhaustion.

Here is me sitting at the table before we ate.


Here is all of us after we ate.



We took individual pictures as well.Brianna10

I like the above one of me sitting the best, but here is one of me standing just to show the complete outfit.Brianna09Dress: Infanta
Shrug: Target
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: DSW
Jewelry: Not sure where from, but the necklace and ring featured pink roses
Hair: Two soft pink rose clips