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TuesdayTwoFollowing last weeks Two Favorite Brands, this week, in honor of my first Group Taobao order going out yesterday, is My Two Favorite Taobao Shops.

Much like last week, the top spot is an easy choice, Infanta.  As I had posted about previously, I had had their Toy Museum JSK on my wishlist for several years, likely since just after they first premiered the dress.  Since tracking them down, I have fallen in love with several more of their dresses.  Obviously, I like their Sleeping Beauty JSK, as I just bought that, but on my wishlist, I currently have their Sailor Style Coat, Power and Throne JSK, Cinderella and Prince Charming JSK, Rose Embroider Coat, Emperor and Nightingale Coat, Coffee Time JSK, Theme Park JSK, and who knows what else I would have wanted that they no longer offer.  I am definitely in love with this shop.

The second shop is a little more difficult.  I love Rose Melody’s Swan Princess and Merry-Go-Around lines, Kidsyoyo has a couple items I really like, but they do not currently have a lot of merchandise up for me to really garner a good feel for their style.  I have also seen past items from Chess Story I like, but I am not in love with any of their current stock.  My second spot goes to R-Series.  I love their Odette JSK, and while there is nothing else currently in their shop that I really want, nor is there anything that I really dislike.  Overall, I like what they have done, and I think I could really end up loving their future products.

So that is this weeks Tuesday Two, next week will be a difficult one as I try to choose my Two Favorite Etsy Shops.