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Saturday was the one month anniversary of Deciphering Lolita, but I was gone all weekend, trooping an event with the 501st Legion, so I did not have time to post anything for it.  I have had several people ask me to post pictures of the outfit I wore to the Chantilly/Atelier Pierrot Tea Party at ACen, and I was hoping to finally find the picture from that day, but I have yet to see it.  So, in honor of my one month anniversary, I am posting a picture of the outfit.

IMG_20130625_150302_888This outfit was very thrown together, unfortunately.  I bought the socks and skirt on an impulse at the convention.  The boots I had with me for other outfits, my friend Emma of ICK by industrialkitty lent me the blouse (which she later said I could keep), and the necklace and headband were items I put together the night before the tea party.

IMG_20130625_150319_466Here is a close up of the screen print on the skirt.  I love carousals, and I like how it is more elegant than the sugar and bubbles that most carousal prints are done in.  It feels more like something out of an old fairytale.  The blue, silver, and black contributes to that look as well, those colors together always looked so elegant and regal to me.

IMG_20130625_150326_743Here is a close up on the necklace and headband.  They were very simple, my options were limited due to time and location.  I did 2-3 rounds of the dealers hall and did not find anything I liked, so I ended up leaving the con and drove to a fabric store.  I was hoping to find something with a carousal theme or even just silver horses, but there was nothing.  I ended up finding a cameo with a blue hue and blue stones around it, and then I bought some blue and silver ribbon.  I sewed a strip of the silver ribbon to a strip of the blue ribbon to make a quick headband, and I used the blue ribbon to make a necklace as well.

It was really frustrating trying to put this together at the con, because I knew I had things at home that would have matched much better, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out overall.