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When I came home on Friday, I found a slip from the post office saying they tried to deliver my package and that it would be held at the post office.  First thing on Saturday, I headed over there and picked it up.

June 6th – I sent the first inquiry about placing an order.
June 7th – I sent in the order form.
June 8th – I sent payment.
June 17th – I received notification that the package had been sent.
June 21st – The package was first brought to my house.

I paid for EMS shipping (5-10 days) and it only took four days, though I did have to wait nine days for the items to be shipped.  Still not bad though.

IMG_20130622_100831_419The box itself was wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped in the red and white paper.  Inside, the items were packaged into two separate plastic bags.


I ordered the Infanta Sleeping Beauty JSK and the headbow.  I was a little worried because the coloration of the dress was a little greenish in some pictures, but the dress is a very pretty brown and off-white with pale green vines and pale pink roses.  There are two bows with pins on the back (right), as well as two straps that attach to two heart shaped buttons in the back to be tied in a bow.

IMG_20130623_241440_244I could not find any clear pictures of the print at the bottom before ordering the dress, so here are pictures of each of the three images:

IMG_20130623_241306_590 IMG_20130623_241408_145 IMG_20130623_241348_805

The dress came with one spare button attached to the tag as well.  There is boning around the bodice part of the dress, a zipper that runs up the right side of the dress, and it has corset lacing over shirring in the back.  Overall, the construction is very good.  There were a few loose strings, but that is not a big deal.  The only thing I do not like, is that the boning is not rounded off, but rather comes to a squared edge.  Not only does it mean it pokes into you a bit sharply, but from my experience with boning, it is also more likely to cut through the fabric.  Hopefully that will not happen, but if it does, I will just round the edges and stitch it up.  Wearing a blouse may help lessen the stabbing, I tried it on without anything.

The other item I ordered was the A-Line Classical Puppets Petticoat.

IMG_20130623_241555_696I already own the Bell-Shaped version from Classical Puppets and I love it, so I was confident in ordering this one.  It is very fluffy and soft, as well as well constructed.