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TuesdayTwoThis weeks Tuesday Two:  My Two Favorite Brands!

The number one spot, without a doubt, goes to Mary Magdalene.  I have had a Mary Magdalene dress on the top of my wishlist since before I knew that Mary Magdalene existed, and going through all of their clothing, past and present, I do not think there is a single item of theirs that I would not wear.  If I had a closet full of MM and nothing else, I would be fully content.

The number two spot was a little more difficult to decide on, but in the end, it goes to Innocent World.  I do not love EVERYTHING they have done, but I do love a good majority of it.  Sometimes their prints are a bit too busy for my taste, or their dresses a bit too frilly, but generally, I really enjoy what they come out with, and they have some very nice Classic Lolita items.

What about you, what are your favorite brands?
Next week I am going to do my two favorite Taobao shops, let me know if you know of a great one that may not be as well known so that I can take a look.