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TuesdayTwoA slight departure from Fashion today, because the next few weeks are likely going to be fashion heavy.  Today I give you:  My Two Favorite Sanrio Characters!

I have never really been a fan of Hello Kitty, and that bothered me as a little girl because I am a huge cat person.  This problem was rectified in the 90s however, when Sanrio debuted my absolute favorite character, CHOCOCAT!!!!!!!  A black cat, who is named after chocolate, this really could not have gotten any better for me.
chococatMy second favorite character is even newer than Chococat, Kuromi!  I love how despite being a white bunny, she is a little darker with her black hat and little skull, not to mention the fact that the hat has a little jesterish look to it.  Plus her birthday is Halloween, which is my favorite holiday.
Kuromi2A couple runners up that deserve honorable mention:
*Badtz Maru, a penguin, is another darker character, very popular amongst Goths.
*Keroppi, a frog, was my favorite character prior to Chococats arrival.

badtz maruKeroppi