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The Infanta dress I ordered off the EGL Comm Sales group arrived today!  This is my first JSK, and I absolutely LOVE this dress.  I took a picture of me wearing it, it is a little dark and blurry though, so I also posted a picture of the dress from the Infanta site so you can see the detail.


Wow, they really do have lots of fluffiness.  I will need to buy another petticoat to layer at some point.  I want to have a red blouse (like in the picture) to wear with it, as well as a blue blouse, and a gold blouse if I can find one.  I could also probably wear this with a black blouse since there is black in the tartan fabric.  I have a nice wine colored bow that the seller sent along with the JSK, so I am going to try to match the red blouse to that.

I cannot wait for the holidays so that I can wear this!