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TuesdayTwoSorry this weeks is a little late in the evening.  I have circus class on Tuesdays, so if I do not do it in the afternoon, it does not get posted until after class.

For this weeks Tuesday Two, I am taking a little inspiration from Lolita Blog Carnival (which I plan on joining once Deciphering Lolita is eligible), and discuss prints I would love to see in Lolita clothing.

Number One: La Dame à la licorne (The Lady and the Unicorn)

ladyunicornsightI absolutely LOVE these tapestries!  When I was a little girl, I bought a journal with this scene on the cover from a school holiday gift sale.  Later, the same series of tapestries were featured in the Harry Potter movies as the tapestries on the walls of the Gryffindor common room.  After the reappearance of them, I did some research and fell even deeper in love with them then I had when I had first purchased the journal.  While I was oversees, I even made a point to visit the museum in Paris where the originals are kept.  The tapestries were woven in the 1500s.  There are six tapestries in the series, Le Goût (Taste), L’Odorat (Smell), L’Ouïe (Hearing), Le Toucher (Touch),  La Vue (Sight (the one pictured above, also the one featured on my journal)), and A Mon Seul Désir (My Only Desire).  You can see more of them and read more about them here.

Number Two:  World Cultures
This one is a little more vague.  I absolutely love the looks that come with other cultures: Gaudi’s work in Barcelona, Spain; the pyramids and temples in Egypt; Palaces in India; Pokrovsky Cathedral in Moscow (pictured); and the list goes on.  I think the art, architecture, colors, and overall look of cultures from around the world are fascinating.  I would love to see these done as classic prints.