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QutieLand is really frustrating me right now.  I decided to give them a try ordering a dress and a-line petticoat, because it was more shop like where you could just place the order on the website rather than e-mail them to inquire about shipping like you have to do with Clobba.  So, nearly a full week after I placed my order (ordered Monday, received e-mail Saturday), the e-mail me to say the dress I wanted is sold out in the size I wanted.  I responded that evening, inquiring on the possibility of changing the order to a larger size.  They took two days to respond, which I excused because it was the weekend.  By that time, I had found the size I wanted elsewhere, and then asked to just cancel the dress and order the petticoat.  It has now been an additional two days, and no word from them.  I really wanted the petticoat in time for the Mega Meet next weekend, but now it is looking impossible.  I also have an order I wanted to place with Clobba now, but I am delaying that because at the slow rate QutieLand is going, I may need to add the petticoat to the Clobba order.  GRR!  How long does it take to respond saying they can just do the petticoat?  They must have already confirmed its availability before the initial e-mail.  By this time when I had ordered with Clobba, I had already received the item.

I sent them another e-mail just now, asking what was going on and if we could move forward with the order.  If they do not respond by tomorrow morning, I am placing the order with Clobba and canceling the one with QL all together.  I will give them another chance at a later date.