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T27Ly7XgdXXXXXXXXX_!!11942814I have been in love with this dress since I first saw it on eBay some time ago.  It has sat on my watch list forever, but even before reading reviews of eBay sellers and confirming how bad most eBay sellers are with Lolita, I was wary and did not purchase it.  I recently tracked the original dress back to Infanta (a Taobao seller), and then found it available on QutieLand.  So, I ordered it, size Large (damn you Asian sizing, I WILL loose weight!).  Then, Saturday, I come home from the event I was trooping down in Joliet only to receive an e-mail from QutieLand, that the Larges have sold out.  I confirmed this on the Infant Taobao store.  Damn!  So, I sent an inquiry about ordering an XL instead, because I could alter that to fit.

Then, I checked EGL Comm Sales and someone had a size Large one up for sale!  I PMed her, she confirmed it was still available, and I just sent her payment!  Yay!  It ended up being slightly more expensive due to shipping costs, but I think I would have had to pay extra for the XL anyhow.  I cannot wait to receive this dress, even though it really does not make sense to wear until the holidays (unless I do something toy related).

Sometimes things just work out perfectly.

Now, if I could just find the Mary Magdalene Angelica JSK in pink.  I want to post a WTB on EGL Comm Sales, but the admins have not created any new feedback pages in over a week, so I have to wait for that.