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I just signed up for my first Taobao group order.  There is so much I want, but I do not want to go crazy.  Some of the items I wanted are sold out of either my size or the color I want, so it made it easier to narrow down.  Looks like I am buying:

I want a dress for an event this summer, that is chocolate themed.  This one…is not actually chocolate themed, but the colors work.  I am still looking but there does not seem to be any strictly chocolate themed dresses or skirts available right now.  😦  The other dress I thought of was the new Sleeping Beauty print.  I am not sure which I want more.


T2mpXEXiVaXXXXXXXX_!!77724479This really cute outfit is a skirt and cape set, which is nice because then I can wear the pieces together, or separately with other pieces.

T2QfKSXbBbXXXXXXXX_!!28382007This blouse has a brown bow that limits it, but I should be able to remove it easy enough.  The collar is cute and not over the top frilly, the back has shirring, and the there is a nice princess seam.

SONY DSCI really like this purse, the only thing that is causing me to hesitate is the color.  They have it available in red and pink as well, but I like blue, I am just worried that I will not end up with any outfits to use it with….but I really like it.

A few things I wanted to buy but are not currently available:

T1X_IbXk4dXXXoWuTa_090707.jpg_310x310 T1xa3RXaJeXXXXXXXX_!!0-item_pic.jpg_310x310 T1Kn0aXiJbZAzD2oUZ_033745.jpg_310x310 SONY DSC

The first shrug would be great to wear with the holiday dress I just bought, but there are other things I can wear with it, and it was bad enough I bought the dress now.  The purse would be great for the chocolate outfit, but it is not available in that color.  The dress is a replica of my MM dream dress, but it looks like they did not have it in the same color of pink.  It was tempting, but I think I am going to hold out for my dream dress.  The blouse is super cute, and would be a great short sleeved option, but it is only available in XS right now.