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I received a discount offer from Gothic Lolita Wigs and now I am trying to decide on a wig.  I have it narrowed down to four, two crazy colors and two natural colors.  As my style is leaning more towards classic, I feel like I should stick with the natural colors, but how can I resist those crazy colors?

The magenta/aqua one caught my eyes when they first came out with that color scheme, but it is so bright that I wonder what I will wear it with.

The pastel pink/blue one is very Sweet and would be easy to coordinate with any outfits I have that lean towards Sweet, though I do worry how it would look on my skin tone (olive).

The light brown one is interesting, because it is mixed with a dark brown, so it should work on me pretty well.

The dark brown looks very close to my own hair color, maybe a little lighter, but it would be nice to have for big over the top hair, plus if it is close enough I could possibly JUST use the pigtails on my own hair, though I wonder if I should not hold off on a wig so close to my own hair color.