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If you follow blogs, than you have probably seen someone do a Friday Five.  Well, I wanted to be a little different.  Here is the Tuesday Two, it could be two items I love, two items I dislike, one item I love and one item I dislike, or maybe even just two items that intrigue me or fit a theme I really like (usually there will be a theme to the two).  Remember, these are just my personal preferences, and you may feel the exact opposite about an item, but that is okay, we all have our own preferences.

So to start it off, this week is plaid.  I have spent the past week looking at every single Lolita blog I could, and shopping every single site I could (Taobao…you still hurt my head), and I came across a lot of things I loved and a lot of things I did not.  I saw quite a few plaid dresses, skirts, and Jumper Skirts, but these two stood out to me as the worst and the best.


First, the bad.  As if mixing black and brown is not difficult enough, this outfit also throws blue into the mix (which many will say should not be paired with brown, I disagree, but I know it is an opinion).  There are blue ribbons, brown ribbons, and black ribbons, and ruffles every which way.  They threw in some solid brown, but instead of using it to ground the look, it is thrown in so sparsely that it only adds to the confusion.  There is so much color and trimmings that I do not know where to look.  The dress pattern may have actually been really pretty with different fabrics, and that fabric used on a different dress may have been nice, but the combination is too much.

SP00088_02This dress, on the other hand, I thought was rather tastefully done.  While I am not too fond of the embroidery pattern (a seahorse), I really like the throwback to traditional Scottish dress.  The fabric is allowed to speak for itself here, the only ornamentation being a small embroidery piece, black lace at the bottom, and a bow formed out of the same fabric.  The solid fabric is also in a large enough chunk that it accents the main fabric rather than disrupting or overplaying it.  Plaid is such a busy fabric in itself, adding a lot of other decoration is just too overwhelming, such a simple dress design really lets the fabric show itself off.  This dress is actually on my wishlist.  Too bad there are not any Scottish holidays celebrated in the U.S.

One a side note:  The more I look at the word “plaid” the more it looks wrong to me.