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FashionMemoryMondayWelcome to the first ever Fashion Memory Monday.  These memories may sometimes be Lolita related, but as a beginner to actually wearing Lolita clothing, they will usually be general fashion memories that led me to wear I am now with fashion.

For the fist entry, my Lolita beginnings.  I cannot remember the first time I ever actually SAW Lolita, as far as I remember I always knew about it, though I do not think I always knew it had made its way to the US.  The first time I ever knew I wanted to wear Lolita clothing though, was back in 2004.  It was my first ever Anime Central, I had not even purchased a badge (my friend had an extra from a friend who had to leave early).  I was wandering around the dealers hall with my friend Emma, and saw stand full of Gothic & Lolita Bibles.  I bought an issue (still the only one I own to this day) and was so excited.  Unfortunately, my sewing skills were not then what they are now and I was intimidated by the outfits I saw.

I still have the post-it notes sticking out of the pages that had clothing items I wanted.  It is interesting to see how my preferences have changed, I was definitely more interested in Gothic then, whereas now I have nearly no interest in Gothic Lolita and am more attracted to the Classic styles with a little bit of Sweet.

At the time, I did not know where to buy clothing, and it was not as accessible as it is now.  So, of course, I waited and waited.  Nearly ten years I wanted to own and wear Lolita clothing.  I cannot wait until the Midwest Lolita Meet and Greet!