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Before delving into this list, I have to begin by saying that I am not by any means saying that others should not wear these trends, I am only stating trends that I, personally, would not wear.  Some of these I actually find very cute on others, but they are just not my thing.  I even tried to take examples from designers I like, so as to not seem as if I was picking on small-time designers or designers I dislike.  With that said, onward!

Angelic Pretty - Lady Heart Ribbon Pochette(Angelic Pretty – Lady Heart Ribbon Pochette)

*Hearts.  This is a really difficult one to avoid.  Events in my life have swayed me against identifying much with heart-shaped objects, and while I still have a few pieces of jewelry with hearts, I tend to avoid buying anything that is predominantly heart themed.

Rose Melody - Rosa Crucifix Skirt(Rose Melody – Rosa Crucifix Skirt)

*Crosses.  Like hearts, this is very personal.  I am agnostic, and I just feel hypocritical wearing crosses on my clothing.  Cathedrals I can handle, because I find the architecture appealing, but not JUST crosses.  Most people will say it is perfectly fine to wear crosses if you are not religious, and I do not criticize others for doing so, but my personal choice is not to wear them.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Airlaine Chiffon Blouse(Baby, the Stars Shine Bright – Airlaine Chiffon Blouse)

*Excessive lace and bows in the chest area.  I actually try to avoid lace on the chest at all.  I wear a C cup bra, and my shoulders are large from all of my acrobatics/circus arts, so if I have too much embellishment in that area, I look much larger, and horribly proportioned.  This is especially difficult to deal with when it comes to blouses.  Lolita designers seem to prefer loading blouses up with every sort of lace a ruffle that they can.  I may have to resort to making all of my own blouses because of this.

pink2(From Polyvore)

*Head to toe Pink.  I am just not much of a pink person in general.  Plus, I think pink is too much of a crutch with this sort of fashion.  It is considered a girly color, so it is loaded into girly looks (Fact: pink was originally considered a boy color and baby boys were dressed in pink while girls were dressed in blue).  Part of this depends on the design of the outfit though.  I can handle pink if it is not a super girly shade, or if the design of the piece fits.  One glaring exception for this is anything that looks ballet-esk (as I am a dancer).  So if/when I ever create an outfit with a pointe shoe motif…I will be all over those items in pink.  Pink with lots of frills and bows though…sorry, I am out.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille - CL-Sweets Parade Apron Pinafore Dress(Metamorphose temps de fille – CL-Sweets Parade Apron Pinafore Dress)

*Aprons.  I have donned an apron for an American McGee’s Alice costume, but aside from that, or if I am in the kitchen, I do not understand the appeal for regular wear.  I feel like it blocks the rests of the outfit, and generally, from what I have seen, people are not wearing them because they need an apron.

Dream of Lolita - Little Bear's Cafe Skirt(Dream of Lolita – Little Bear’s Cafe Skirt)

*Teddy Bears.  Yes, they are cute, but I would feel like a baby wearing them on a dress.  I may one day consider some accessories, but they are just too childish for my tastes otherwise.  I think bunnies fall under this too, but I am open to other animals such as owls and cats.  Basically, if it looks to cutesy, I would not wear it.  Another exception though, I believe the holiday themed dress I want has a teddy bear on it, but it has a toy museum theme and reminds me of the nutcracker.  There are always exceptions.

Bodyline Dress(Bodyline – Waffle Dress)

*An overabundance of food.  A nice cherry motif, or strawberry motif is good (or chocolate motif….I am a chocoholic, see chocoquinn.wordpress.com for confirmation).  Even if there are two or three types in a certain connected grouping, such as lemons and limes, or tropical fruits, or a variety of candy wrapped pieces.  If there is several types of food, I think it might be okay if kept to the trim.  However, if the dress is splattered in all sorts of food, it is just too much for me.  I do need a chocolate outfit though…I bought a chocolate cupcake necklace at ACen and I need something to wear it with.

infanta_bunny_story_floral_ribbon_one_piece_5(Infanta – Bunny Story Floral Ribbon One Piece)

*Tiny flowers repeating.  If I want flowers on my dress, I want them to be larger, and more of an antique feel to the dress rather than country.  This is one that is really a case-by-case basis though, as I have seen some exceptions.  Even this dress is not too bad, but I have seen ones that just turned me off immediately.