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*At least two summer outfits.  If the one I am making is successful, then at least one additional.

*This dress.  I first saw it on ebay YEARS ago, but the seller has a very bad rep, so I will not buy it from them.  I think it was originally Mary Magdalene, but the only way to buy the original is if it comes up second hand one day (which I would not mind, but that is a waiting game).  I have seen it offered at myesoul.com in blue, and whatabeautifullife.com in all the colors but pink (I really like the pink), and miccosplay.com in pink, but I am not sure of the quality of their recreations.  I REALLY like this dress though.

*Ick – Seven Seas Skirt Set – I have always loved nautical looking clothing, so of course I need to have at least one nautical themed Lolita outfit since it is actually a thing with Lolitas.  Plus this is my friends brand, and I must buy something from her.

*Bodyline High Waist Skirt in Orange

*A long sleeve white blouse

*A short sleeve white blouse

*A short sleeve black blouse

*Shoes!  Summer shoes especially.

*Bloomers – I only have my black/white/red diamond ones right now, so probably a pair in white, a pair in black, and a pair in a shade of brown.

*Diamond Socks
Every, single color (aside from the two I have – red/black and blue/silver).  I want black/purple, black/white, black/blue, brown/ivory, red/white, wine/white, black/gold, black/silver, brown/gold, ivory/gold, white/gold, wine/gold, and wine/silver.

*Striped Socks
Much like the diamonds, I want every color.  Blue/black, brown/ivory, white/black, wine/black, wine/ivory.

*Other socks to match outfits.

*And though they are a priority, I would like to acquire one or two pieces each for autumn and winter this year.  Of course i I find pieces that can be altered for multiple seasons, that is even better.  Shoes as well.