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While my Chantilly ensemble is my first actual Lolita outfit, I do not want to forget my Lolita Harley outfit.  Yes, it is a character costume, and no, I will never be able to wear it to a regular Lolita event, but I took care to make the costume fit basic Lolita rules. So far, this is the best picture I have of my Lolita Harley, but I am still watching or a few to surface (if you see any, please let me know).

First, the bad.  In retrospect, I wish I had at least one more petticoat.  I bought a bell shaped one from Classical Puppets, but the fabric weighs it down so much.  My shoes are not really Lolita, but I Harley typically wears similar boots, so it was sort of a crossover detail.  I would have liked to have more delicate gloves as well (those are leather), but it is a pain trying to find red gloves.  I may end up dying some white ones or attempting to make some.  I may also buy some opera length gloves and altering them.

Now, the good.

High collared, button up blouse: check!  I am very proud of this blouse, it was the first time I had ever made button holes on my machine, and since they featured diamond buttons in them, I knew they had to look good.  The sleeves ended up with the pleats the opposite direction than what I wanted, but they still worked.  The lace was a last minute addition, but I will get to the lace later.  They only thing I would have done differently is give the collar a Peter Pan cut, I would not have added lace to the front because I try not to play up my chest area since I have broad shoulders and decent sized breasts.  Next time I wear this, I am probably going to tie a bow with white ribbon in front of the collar.

Skirt size/shape: check!  It took me forever to actually cut out the skirt because I had a hard time finding out what the bottom circumference should be (250cm if you are looking like I was).  Then I was nervous about the length, but by the time I cut that, I had the petticoat to measure.  The scallop was a pain in the butt, but I am so happy with how it turned out.  I really thought it was going to end up being crooked, and I actually had to re-measure after it came out wrong the first time.  I added the diamonds Friday night/Saturday morning AT the convention, and I may eventually add some red ones to the back of the black side, and maybe some to the back of the blouse.

Bloomers: check!  I was so excited when I found these.  My only issue with my bloomers is that they are a spandex/polyester material, but they were so perfect.

Hairpiece: check!  Yes, it is only ribbons, but it is still hair accessories.  If I ever find a hat or something that works, I will likely add on, but for now, the ribbons are cute.

Good quality lace: check!  When I went to purchase the lace, I knew I had read about various qualities and how bad lace can ruin a Lolita outfit, but I forgot the specifics.  So, I let my renaissance training kick in, and I looked for lace that I thought looked like it had been made by hand.  Imagine my surprise when I found the exact lace I bought listed on one site as the “Holy Grail” (http://venturecosplay.com/video/a-short-guide-to-lace-trim-for-sewing-lolita-clothes-costumes-and-everything/ – mine is the bottom one in the picture of “Fancy embroidered lace, including venetian lace”).  So yes, I am proud of my lace choice.

Overall, I think I did a very good job keeping the Lolita outfit standards, but still making it Harley Quinn.  Even as I was describing the costume to the girls at the tea party on Sunday, one said “So you made it a REAL Lolita version.”   That in itself was all I had wanted to hear.